Our Philosophy

‘Human relationships depend on communication. Bad writing is a barrier to communication’   – Margaret Thatcher

Communication is essential to human flourishing. We exchange ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc, and build community or society in the process. Effectiveness in communication is therefore assessed by how well the thought or idea or feeling is gotten across. Whatever the medium used, it must aid in the accurate exchange of information or else it is useless. If the medium obstructs the message, communication fails and our flourishing as humans is affected to the same degree.

Writing is a venerated medium for expressing thoughts and clarifying concepts. But it’s often marred by the poor or wrong use of language. Words are sometimes banded around without purpose or direction. Many times a text fails to achieve its intent because it’s simply not clear. When this occurs, human flourishing is taken one step back. And this is where we come in: We help to make your writing

Simple and Clear

At Textouch, our purpose is to help enhance human flourishing through clearer communication.

And we promise to serve you with Integrity and Excellence.

Please visit our Services page to send us an enquiry or request, and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.



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